w a y m a k e r

Waymaker is an artwork that has developed over the last Month or so inbetween other works that have developed in the studio. As the church announced their next series on prayer, I realised why this image has taken some time to work on. It’s larger scale having something to do with it, but also more […]

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t e a r s 2 . 0 g r a c e

This was my staff devotion for 11th May 2018 In recent times I have found myself challenged to complete old work in order to release the new. Losing someone I used to work with to cancer just before Easter this year heightened this also, and I was and I am confronted more with God’s call […]

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a g e o f m a n

This is one of my favourite pieces and I am glad that it didn’t sell when it was in an exhibition. It hangs on my wall in the sitting room, or what our Frida Kahlo has claimed as, her playroom. That means no TV. A sitting space beside the kitchen and living room area, where […]

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