s t u c k

In iso church studio time today. Lots of meaty stuff in the menu. This one thing stuck. “God isn’t rescuing the Israelites for them.God rescued the Israelites for him.” He’s doing the same in all our situations. If we are honest with ourselves our focus is often, way too often, on what and how we […]

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r e d

This artwork continues the “r e d” series. Started sometime ago, it was never going to be completed in a Sunday church service timeframe. Little of my work without some serious planning and stress can do that. A classic over thinker and over planner coupled with epic procrastinating skills, it’s hard to let go of […]

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a g e o f m a n

This is one of my favourite pieces and I am glad that it didn’t sell when it was in an exhibition. It hangs on my wall in the sitting room, or what our Frida Kahlo has claimed as, her playroom. That means no TV. A sitting space beside the kitchen and living room area, where […]

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q u i c k t o l i s t e n

We all have interesting stories and histories. And by interesting, I mean, out of “the norm”, those experiences which have in some ways defined who we are, yet are far from where we wanted to be or desire to be. When I started studying Art at university over 14 years ago my intention was to […]

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