w a y m a k e r

Waymaker is an artwork that has developed over the last Month or so inbetween other works that have developed in the studio. As the church announced their next series on prayer, I realised why this image has taken some time to work on. It’s larger scale having something to do with it, but also more […]

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e m m a n u e l

“God with us” As the celebrations of Christmas become the focus this time of year, I am reminded of some things. Historically and culturally Jesus is not white. I struggle everytime I see white baby Jesus now that I understand this myself. Jesus was Middle Eastern. Historically visual translations of the bible throughout art history […]

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p a s s o v e r

As the series “get us out of here” comes to an end in iso church, I am reminded of how the narrative of the Israelites leaving Egypt talked about over the last few months, has given me fresh insights into “known” scripture. This artwork has developed over the last couple of weeks. Today I’ve been […]

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s t u c k

In iso church studio time today. Lots of meaty stuff in the menu. This one thing stuck. “God isn’t rescuing the Israelites for them.God rescued the Israelites for him.” He’s doing the same in all our situations. If we are honest with ourselves our focus is often, way too often, on what and how we […]

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r e d

This artwork continues the “r e d” series. Started sometime ago, it was never going to be completed in a Sunday church service timeframe. Little of my work without some serious planning and stress can do that. A classic over thinker and over planner coupled with epic procrastinating skills, it’s hard to let go of […]

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r e c a l i b r a t e

“What’s in your hand” are the words God asked Moses when Moses tried to convince God he wasn’t the man for the job. He was much older and no longer the man of his youth willing to embrace the vigor of justice by any means. Maybe now he stands before God questioning his life purpose. […]

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s u r r e n d e r

Today in iso church this image came to life. As usual my work continues to speak to me first. Soz. It is how it is. The church after chat today was exceptional! Thank you. Have I always had my focus on me and what I’m missing, and what is my purpose? What do I bring? […]

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p i e c e

What has shaped you? Which piece of the puzzle is God developing in you through this season? In this season have you stopped to reflect on what you have learned about your shape and how you are being wired? The experiences that we choose for us and those that we could never imagine or ever […]

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w r e c k e d

In the time I have worked in secondary education I have moved away from asking my students what do they want to do when they grow up or when they leave school. Instead the questions are centred around this one question. “What do you see in the world that hits your heart so intensely that […]

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s e e

I just want to speak the name of Jesus, over every heart and mind. Your name is power Your name is healing Your name is life Break every stronghold, shine through every shadow Burn like a fire As these words were sung in online church today, in the song, “I speak Jesus”, and as we […]

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n o i s e

Over the last 2 weeks online church has talked about finding your fit. What are your spiritual gifts? We all have been gifted spiritual gifts, they all look different, but how do you discover them? This image has been a hard one to make. It had been taped to the drafting desk for a week, […]

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e m p t y

In iso church today this image emerged. As we finish up on 1 Corinthians the letter from Paul leaves us with this. Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.1 Corinthians 16:13‭-‬14 NIV The strength we need for each day is something I don’t have on […]

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h e a r t

1 Corinthians 13. LOVE…This week I lived the word’s that I try not to say. Busy. Just when I was about to tick one box, 3 more items would step in front. This was my week up until the last 2 classes Friday. And that was just work related things. As I sit in the […]

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g i f t

When Paul spoke to the Corinthians about spiritual gifts he was instructing and equipping them with the understanding of what a healthy body looks like and how it functions in all its variety of difference. That one part can’t do it all on its own, alone. We need each others God given giftings, each a […]

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b l o o d t i e s

Who are the people at your table? How we interact with people starts from the inside out. Blessed are the poor in Spirit for there’s is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5: 1. I once heard “poor in spirit” was about the more I walked with Jesus the more he reveals my deficits, my lack […]

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