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This year’s milestone is one that I would never have asked for. Actually each year, month, week, day, hour, minute, breath….you get the idea. As I start to write this in July for later this year I am concious that this has been in the back of my thoughts more than any other year since […]

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w a y m a k e r

Waymaker is an artwork that has developed over the last Month or so inbetween other works that have developed in the studio. As the church announced their next series on prayer, I realised why this image has taken some time to work on. It’s larger scale having something to do with it, but also more […]

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m u l t i p l y i n g h o p e

This was started last week in Church as a response to the theme multiplying hope. It is also about getting back on the studio horse in my new studio space after a very disjointed finish to an overly tormultous 2020. This image marries together the eye witness of Jesus life, death and resurrection seen by […]

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p a s s o v e r

As the series “get us out of here” comes to an end in iso church, I am reminded of how the narrative of the Israelites leaving Egypt talked about over the last few months, has given me fresh insights into “known” scripture. This artwork has developed over the last couple of weeks. Today I’ve been […]

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m i c h a e l

Each year today comes around. It’s not like I have a choice. They are like the tide. I had been on auto pilot for a lot of the early years after you went home to Jesus, not yet having strategies in place to make anniversaries more doable. The strategies came and these were to distracted […]

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l e t g o

The journey to this work has come from the devotions I’ve read this week, as well as the book of Acts chapter 2 – 4 as I travel through this again, but slower and seeing what images come to mind, and online church. Last week online church was about using what’s in your hand. My […]

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h e a r t

1 Corinthians 13. LOVE…This week I lived the word’s that I try not to say. Busy. Just when I was about to tick one box, 3 more items would step in front. This was my week up until the last 2 classes Friday. And that was just work related things. As I sit in the […]

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t e a r s 2 . 0 g r a c e

This was my staff devotion for 11th May 2018 In recent times I have found myself challenged to complete old work in order to release the new. Losing someone I used to work with to cancer just before Easter this year heightened this also, and I was and I am confronted more with God’s call […]

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K i n t s u g i

Translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi, which means “golden repair”) is the centuries-old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. I love this practice of repairing the broken in a consumer culture where things are discarded and replaced so readily. Have we lost the […]

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t h e a n c h o r

The safety of a ship in dangerous waters could depend entirely on its ability to drop its anchor and stabilise the ship. We use anchors to moor a ship or boat, to hold the vessel fast and secure so that the crew are safe, the passengers are safe and the cargo is kept safe. Early […]

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a g e o f m a n

This is one of my favourite pieces and I am glad that it didn’t sell when it was in an exhibition. It hangs on my wall in the sitting room, or what our Frida Kahlo has claimed as, her playroom. That means no TV. A sitting space beside the kitchen and living room area, where […]

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q u i c k t o l i s t e n

We all have interesting stories and histories. And by interesting, I mean, out of “the norm”, those experiences which have in some ways defined who we are, yet are far from where we wanted to be or desire to be. When I started studying Art at university over 14 years ago my intention was to […]

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j o u r n a l i n g

I have always kept a journal or a visual diary of some kind, well at least since my teenage years. What I wrote in them then was nothing prolific or even prophetic, but was more in line with contacts, birth dates and notes from friends and also including a marriage ceremony message from one of […]

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He cares for even the birds

Sometimes I think I need reminding of God’s bigger picture. And as I write this it is obvious that I/we need reminding of this more often than we should, but in the messiness of life, God is so patient with his children. Especially me. What I am coming to realise is that in my own […]

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