p r i d e v t r u t h

Studio time today had me completing this work I started yesterday, already having insight into how it could look when finished, but not knowing for sure until it was finished. Each week for me this time in the studio is reflecting on prayer. Church today, through worshipping in song and worshipping through the word feeds […]

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m i c h a e l

Each year today comes around. It’s not like I have a choice. They are like the tide. I had been on auto pilot for a lot of the early years after you went home to Jesus, not yet having strategies in place to make anniversaries more doable. The strategies came and these were to distracted […]

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b o u n d

In iso church studio time today this image came to life. As we start to look at the book of Exodus and how God took something like 70 people and grew them into the nation of Israel during persecution, during their lockdown in Egypt, I am reminded to look at the positives and for the […]

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j o u r n a l i n g

I have always kept a journal or a visual diary of some kind, well at least since my teenage years. What I wrote in them then was nothing prolific or even prophetic, but was more in line with contacts, birth dates and notes from friends and also including a marriage ceremony message from one of […]

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Mother’s day

As an artist my work is often about seeking intimacy with God. To explore what it looks like to seek him and to know him more. To know him more deeply. To be listening to him more intentionally. The more I work on this intimacy with God the more I come to realise it’s more […]

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