m u l t i p l y i n g h o p e

This was started last week in Church as a response to the theme multiplying hope. It is also about getting back on the studio horse in my new studio space after a very disjointed finish to an overly tormultous 2020. This image marries together the eye witness of Jesus life, death and resurrection seen by […]

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s t u c k

In iso church studio time today. Lots of meaty stuff in the menu. This one thing stuck. “God isn’t rescuing the Israelites for them.God rescued the Israelites for him.” He’s doing the same in all our situations. If we are honest with ourselves our focus is often, way too often, on what and how we […]

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s u r r e n d e r

Today in iso church this image came to life. As usual my work continues to speak to me first. Soz. It is how it is. The church after chat today was exceptional! Thank you. Have I always had my focus on me and what I’m missing, and what is my purpose? What do I bring? […]

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Flourish is the second heart, following on from last weeks Seeded Heart.  Flourish is a depiction of a healthy heart. It is nourished, thriving, beautiful, brave, vibrant, and full of life that streams of living water pour out of. As this artwork developed the choices of plants were mostly intentional. The white lily is often […]

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f r e e

The end of term with a seemingly unending list of things to do, and the things already ticked off, is looming. I think the impending dread is from all the things yet to be completed and work still to be handed in and marked. My biggest nemesis….me. I find myself in a time of reflection […]

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j o u r n a l i n g

I have always kept a journal or a visual diary of some kind, well at least since my teenage years. What I wrote in them then was nothing prolific or even prophetic, but was more in line with contacts, birth dates and notes from friends and also including a marriage ceremony message from one of […]

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He cares for even the birds

Sometimes I think I need reminding of God’s bigger picture. And as I write this it is obvious that I/we need reminding of this more often than we should, but in the messiness of life, God is so patient with his children. Especially me. What I am coming to realise is that in my own […]

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