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This year’s milestone is one that I would never have asked for. Actually each year, month, week, day, hour, minute, breath….you get the idea. As I start to write this in July for later this year I am concious that this has been in the back of my thoughts more than any other year since […]

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t o m b

As I have processed the Easter season over the last few weeks this image came to mind. I was also challanged by doing an Easter image that didn’t include the “usual” imagery. This is where “t o m b” comes into being. Just as I can’t see baby Jesus at Christmas without seeing the cross, […]

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m u l t i p l y i n g h o p e

This was started last week in Church as a response to the theme multiplying hope. It is also about getting back on the studio horse in my new studio space after a very disjointed finish to an overly tormultous 2020. This image marries together the eye witness of Jesus life, death and resurrection seen by […]

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e m m a n u e l

“God with us” As the celebrations of Christmas become the focus this time of year, I am reminded of some things. Historically and culturally Jesus is not white. I struggle everytime I see white baby Jesus now that I understand this myself. Jesus was Middle Eastern. Historically visual translations of the bible throughout art history […]

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t e a r s 2 . 0 g r a c e

This was my staff devotion for 11th May 2018 In recent times I have found myself challenged to complete old work in order to release the new. Losing someone I used to work with to cancer just before Easter this year heightened this also, and I was and I am confronted more with God’s call […]

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t h e a n c h o r

The safety of a ship in dangerous waters could depend entirely on its ability to drop its anchor and stabilise the ship. We use anchors to moor a ship or boat, to hold the vessel fast and secure so that the crew are safe, the passengers are safe and the cargo is kept safe. Early […]

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