t o m b

“t o m b”

As I have processed the Easter season over the last few weeks this image came to mind. I was also challanged by doing an Easter image that didn’t include the “usual” imagery.

This is where “t o m b” comes into being. Just as I can’t see baby Jesus at Christmas without seeing the cross, Easter is the vision of more than the cross and the empty tomb.

For me Resurrection Sunday is about freedom through supernatural power that gave life to Jesus as a baby and that would 33 years later raise the crucified Jesus to life after his crucifixion. It is about the living water, the Holy Spirit and the living word of God in the flesh as Jesus who was without sin, lived as a man showing us he knows what it is like to be human, and that God the Father had sent to die for me and you.

The tomb, the true vine, living water and the image of the baby all representat the new life that we have through trusting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

As this image came together it was the thoughts of the baby Jesus birth and how the image of a Mother knowing her child’s birth would end up in his death for all humankind was daunting and unimaginable. His blood spilled for the lives of strangers, and sealed in a tomb. The shape of the tomb doorway captured here in the umbilical cord along with a grapevine. As the image developed instead of blood pouring out of the umbilical cord seen in the shape of a tomb, there is the living water pouring our freely.

I have always been captured by trees planted by streams of water, the great flood, the parting of the Red Sea, the women by the well whom Jesus offers living water to so she will never be thirsty again and Peter walking on the water towards Jesus to name just a few. That image of the women, Jesus knew her story, all of the ugly parts and would be the first evangelist. Peter though he took his eyes off Jesus and started to sink as doubt crept in, he would be the one Jesus would build his church through.

The most beautiful thing about God is he meets you where you are. All your junk, even the stuff you don’t know is junk yet and God turns up, three in one, loving us no less and completely sold out for us to the point He sent his Son Jesus to die for us. Today, and really everyday I am reminded that I am loved. God has a plan and a purpose for my life, and His timing is always perfect.

May you know you are loved today and everyday.