p a s s o v e r

As the series “get us out of here” comes to an end in iso church, I am reminded of how the narrative of the Israelites leaving Egypt talked about over the last few months, has given me fresh insights into “known” scripture.

This artwork has developed over the last couple of weeks. Today I’ve been able to complete it with far more peace than when I began it. Part of the studio process was started just to try and quiet the noise and fear of the unknown. Eviction, marking, report writing, Year 12 Graduation planning and speech writing all topping off one of the most difficult and challenging teaching years to date. Drawing, painting and making art with anything really takes me to a place that brings quiet to the noise. I have many tools that do this. Art making draws me back to communion with my creator God.

Just like the Israelites, we too need to learn to be still and be reminded of God’s promises and that He is for us and wants us to rely on Him for all our needs. We tend to forget to easy. Maybe that’s just me…

In the Exodus account we see the pouring out of blood from the lambs slain and their blood placed on the door frames of the Israelites homes. Approx 1500 years later the Passover is still being practiced as a reminder at the last supper Jesus has as his last meal before his death on the cross and his resurrection on the third day.

It’s the sheding of blood that flows throughout the bible. It is symbolic of life that is in the blood and when blood is spilled it is usually related to death. It’s no different with Jesus’ blood being spilled in his death except the sheding of His blood is followed by His resurrection. His death, carrying our sin with him, restoring our relationship with God that had been broken through Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. His resurrection showing us God’s power over death, over everything. Yet we forget so easily of this power we too have when Jesus lives in us.

Like the Israelites who grumbled, and at times wanted to go back to Egypt because it was known territory, we too take our eyes off the Father and regress back to what is known because we don’t see the full picture. We have to trust God has His best for us, even out of the difficult times and experiences we face. I know God doesn’t waste the worst of things, instead bringing light even from the darkest of times.

So as I look at this completed artwork and the illustrative style that has further developed this year, I am reminded all the more that God is for me and I am not forgotten. That He is drawing me out of the wilderness and into a new place. Jesus’ blood shed for me. I am no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.

I don’t know about you but the waiting for the good to drop can be hard, and it’s only made harder when my focus is not on God but on the narratives around me that the enemy is trying to use to disqualify me.

He looses in the end and I’m not sitting on the bench just waiting for it to happen. How I respond to the challenges that get allowed to pass my way are all the more important. It comes back to the angle of the focus.

What’s the angle of your focus? I your not dead, God’s not done!