s t u c k

s t u c k

In iso church studio time today. Lots of meaty stuff in the menu. This one thing stuck.

“God isn’t rescuing the Israelites for them.
God rescued the Israelites for him.”

He’s doing the same in all our situations. If we are honest with ourselves our focus is often, way too often, on what and how we see things and how we want to see things done in our lives. We get lost in the waiting especially when it’s a long time. We want God to do it this way because I gave up ….fill in the space…. or I did something so he would do something for me and it should happen like this…fill in the space.

What happens in the waiting is where the blessing comes, and maybe never in the shape or form we ever dreamed it would be in. But in it God is glorified.

It all comes back to the posture of our purpose. Is it vertically focused or horizontally focused. What happens next is either going to see our disappointment and hurt, or God glorified.

Which side will you be on?