r e d

r e d

This artwork continues the “r e d” series.

Started sometime ago, it was never going to be completed in a Sunday church service timeframe. Little of my work without some serious planning and stress can do that. A classic over thinker and over planner coupled with epic procrastinating skills, it’s hard to let go of what I know.

Today in iso church we looked at Pharaoh’s pride and how often it can mirror or own and how we bargain with God. If you do this God, I’ll do this, I’ll surrender and listen to your call. Or it might go something like this, if you do this one thing for me God, I’ll quit…fill in the blank…

As the story of the Israelites unfolds of their journey into the promise land so too our stories unfold into our journey with God into what he’s calling us to. Our promise land. It’s revealing the complete reliance on God and not on what we think God is capable of from our small human size brain capacity to process His unknown abilities.

The “r e d” series threads the blood of Christ throughout all the artworks. It’s acknowledging that without this tread in our lives, Jesus, all we do is in vain. Some of us have walked with God a long time, others less, but the same is true. Coming to him in all our rawness, honesty and dropping all our bargaining tools and our pride is the key to freedom. No matter how long or short our journey in our relationship with Jesus is, we all need to face our moments of pride. It’s the key to unlocking our potential. Not holding onto our known, our familiar, but releasing ourselves into the unknown and trusting God.

What bargains have you made with God? How are those going for you? Are you too proud to be pliable?