r e f l e c t

r e f l e c t

This artwork draft comes to life as a response to not just iso church today and the series talking about Moses and the Israelites travel plans. It’s also a heart response to my desire to reflect the Creator of the Universe no matter the trials I may face.

It seems simple enough, right? But faced with loosing all my strategies to manage times of the year I struggle with the most, as well as avoiding the reminders the enemy uses and how this is not the life I signed up for, I am now in a place where I know that few, if any are a lifetime workable strategy. Sounds fun I know. I need something new. Something that will actually bring freedom and not a distraction for a time so I can navigate the other months in the year.

I want freedom.

I need freedom

Not just a little bit, for a little time.

This is where iso came in. If not for this happening I may have continued in this trap of thinking I have it all planned for years to come, or the rest of my life. Instead God’s plan to free me was always His plan. 2020 looks like a good start.

As I lean into my creator God and rest in his truth, his provision, and his love, which has been there since before the beginning of time, I know that the more I spend time with him, the more I will reflect who he is.

This is where I am. Leaning and desiring to be a reflector of God instead of deflecting him every chance I can take. And if all I have is the leaning in right now, I know he’s got the rest.

What do you want your life to reflect? What’s holding you back?