r e c a l i b r a t e

r e c a l i b r a t e

“What’s in your hand” are the words God asked Moses when Moses tried to convince God he wasn’t the man for the job.

He was much older and no longer the man of his youth willing to embrace the vigor of justice by any means. Maybe now he stands before God questioning his life purpose. Is this really what you want me to do now? Maybe he’s seeing this conversation with God through the lens of waiting and wiriness. Maybe through years of unfruitfulness. Maybe “life” happened or didn’t go the way he thought it would and is disheartened, leaving him to question Gods call on his life in the first place.

Maybe he sees it as too late.

Recalibrate came to life when the words “what’s in your hand” was spoken this morning in iso church. It is not the first time hands have come to life in my work and it won’t be the last, having drawn them since my youth. But what if what’s in my hands are the wrong tools? What if I’m not good enough? What if I think this is what I am supposed to use, but it isn’t? What if there are more things I am yet to know I’m supposed to use? How will I know? What is the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything in it?

Did you just answer 42 just then? *grin

The questions, oh so many questions that finding answeres to, or are fearful of hearing the answers to, can wear us down to the point where we begin to question God, but worse we excuse ourselves from the assignment God has placed on our heart, because we are looking at what WE can and can’t do and not what GOD can and will do. You see my friend, God needs something done and he asked you to do it. If he can breathe the known and the unknown universe into being, if he says it needs to be done he will do it. The fear of stepping out into the unknown can be crippling when we do it in our understanding of ourself and not Gods provision for what he is asking of us.

What causes you to doubt and lean into the lies of the enemy that make you doubt God is for you? When did you stop sitting at God’s feet listen like a child and absorbing all his promises into a courageous heart on fire to see everyone know Jesus? To see you know Jesus personally?

What needs to be recalibrated in you? Where do you need to rethink and restart, or even start your relationship with the one that knows you more than you know yourself, yet loves you as his own?