r e b i r t h

I am loving the way imagery comes to life during online church. Now imagine the heart painted in a wash of colour that looks like the earth. Surrounded by the embro shapped sac. This reminds me that Gods plan has been in place since before the birth of HIS creation.

We are his plan.

As parents we are in the process of releasing our children that starts way before we realise. As soon as they start to move they are moving away from us. I only realised this myself watching some of my youth teens from way back when, now having their own children. Have you ever noticed they start to move away from us the second their muscles start to develop strength to move? It’s often a game to them involving smiles and giggles. What we start to do next to protect them, also starts to develop the muscle memory of our own that continues to protect and guard and hem in. Sometimes to the point where we shelter and suffocate imagination, creativity, resilience and strengths.

As parents we can be fearful of the world and what it can do do our kids often because of what it has done to us.

What we can do is allow ourselves time to work through our own hurts and pain, getting help to heal. This can bring the greatest freedom to the next generation you are raising. I say this because I have had to do that too. I can’t protect my kids from everything. I want to, but I can’t. Some of, probably many of the things I did protect them from I know I could have released them to. It ended up being harder than it could have been. All because of fear of the unknown.

God places the dreams and desires of our heart in us. He places His dreams and desires of His heart for us in us, in our kids. These are His plan. Ours is to step out in faith, trusting God in the results, what ever that look like.

And that’s the hard bit. Letting go. Although it sounds like I have it all together and I’d like to say sure, I have it all sorted, just like you, it’s a process. And while I know God is working his plan for my life especially when I can’t see it for myself, he is also doing it for my kids too. I will trust and keep my eyes on him in the storm.

What’s holding you back from moving forward?