b o u n d

b o u n d

In iso church studio time today this image came to life.

As we start to look at the book of Exodus and how God took something like 70 people and grew them into the nation of Israel during persecution, during their lockdown in Egypt, I am reminded to look at the positives and for the positives. God still built a nation when everything was against them. The creator that breathed out the words let there be in the beginning continues to grow, build, nurture and bring life where there should be none.

I can look at the things that keep me bound to the known and focused on the difficult, the broken, the ugh stuff life serves up, or I can stop and breathe and look for and focus on the things, something, even one thing that I can be learning from this time. To look for the things to be grateful for.

Are you bound to the known or the negitive? Can you lean into even the idea of finding hope and something to be grateful for? Or even looking for what you can be learning from this time too?