p i e c e

p i e c e

What has shaped you?

Which piece of the puzzle is God developing in you through this season? In this season have you stopped to reflect on what you have learned about your shape and how you are being wired?

The experiences that we choose for us and those that we could never imagine or ever have wanted to live through, are the things that shape who we are. The most painful life expereinces have shaped me more than anything I would have chosen for myself. These are parts of me that are shaping me to fit with other people that are thrown into similar experiences.

As a reflective person by nature, this time of forced slowing down has allowed me to actually reflect through less noise and distraction, regardless of being the queen of distraction. I am doing more in other ways with teaching adjustments, more in my studio as I process visually and leaning more into prayer. I sound like I have it all together. Ha.

It’s the shape I continue to discover and where and how my shape fits into the bigger picture of a puzzle too big for me to see.

Where are you in the journey of finding your shape and how does it fit into the bigger picture?