w r e c k e d

In the time I have worked in secondary education I have moved away from asking my students what do they want to do when they grow up or when they leave school. Instead the questions are centred around this one question.

“What do you see in the world that hits your heart so intensely that it wrecks your heart and you have to see it changed?

Then I ask them how does this direct your subject choices or further study and what can you start getting involved in now?

Sunday in iso church as we continued the conversation into finding our fit, I too am challanged by the questions, “what burns in my heart so deeply that I need to see change.” And, “what parts do I fit into?”

What is it that God is revealing to me? What are the desires of my heart being revealed to me in this time of isolation?  And the big reveal has been my need to seek what God desires for my heart through seeking and getting to know his heart.

When you find what your heart burns for it will cost you. But aligning your heart with Gods is the key to finding your fit. And that’s worth it