s e e

s e e

I just want to speak the name of Jesus, over every heart and mind.

Your name is power

Your name is healing

Your name is life

Break every stronghold, shine through every shadow

Burn like a fire

As these words were sung in online church today, in the song, “I speak Jesus”, and as we continue to look at what our shape is, I have been reminded and processing deeper over the last few weeks of how I see things.

You see when we are often asked what our gifts are we more than often look at ourselves and weigh our giftings by those of others around us. This horizontal view of looking at what others can do compared to what we can offer, is the first challenge to overcome.

I’ve been reminded of 2 words this week. They follow on from a painting I started work on last week in Church of an adult figure hugging a child. It’ll be a blog post when it’s done. In all the conversations about finding your fit, the key thing for me is knowing God. Knowing he loves me. He’s got me. And the two words that resonate in my thoughts constantly these last few days are:

“Not Forgotten”

I am not forgotten. What I “don’t have” or “can’t do” have needed a different focus.

I have been challenged with iso this year in a number of areas, as I’m sure we all have. One of these being on my own. And while I keep my eyes in horizontal view, isolation can make things look bleak and I see so much I am missing out on, don’t have or can’t do. But I was also reminded this week while talking with my work prayer partner, sister and friend, that my view needs to get back to being a vertical view.

When my eyes are on God they are not on the things that I don’t have control of. When my eyes are on him, my focus is not on what I don’t have. They are on the things I do have and the things I can do become easier to find and focus on.

When my eyes are on Him, I can see how He provides and loves and I can see me the way He sees me more clearly.

It’s coming back to the place where God is in view, vertical view, back to basics, His love, His peace, His healing, His comfort, His strength, His wisdom, His guidance, His power. It’s not easy to do with the noise the world makes, but it is necessary to remembering daily He has me firm, yet gently in His care. Everything comes from seeing Him and how He sees us.

I am not fogotten.

So are you vertically challanged like me and need constant daily reminders from the Father of just how loved you really are? It’s in this space we can see the gifting He is preparing you for and has prepared you with to share Jesus to a hurting world that needs to know His love too.