n o i s e

n o i s e

Over the last 2 weeks online church has talked about finding your fit. What are your spiritual gifts? We all have been gifted spiritual gifts, they all look different, but how do you discover them?

This image has been a hard one to make. It had been taped to the drafting desk for a week, unfinished for the last 7 days. The top right image the only part I could get on paper last week. The noise of the world resonating around me making it so hard to focus.

This is often what it’s like finding your fit in a world that seems full of people that already exercise their gifts. So many of them much more capable, with the capacity and drive that you could never imagine possible for you.

That’s because they are not you.

You are you.

And while your eyes are on them, your eyes are off the greatest gift giver.

When I started this artwork it was going to be an image demonstrating my frustration and struggle with isolation, while still needing to work face to face with VCE students as well as plan and present remote teaching for all my other art classes. It’s been a rollacoaster to say the least.

To be strong, on top of everything, having it all together. All this while doing it all on my own. If I said I was on top of it all, it’d be a lie.

But instead of keeping my focus on the noise that comes in waves, just like remote teaching, and COVID waves at this time, this images with it’s red paint marks brings my view back to the still, small quiet voice of God. The centre of my being. The core, my corner stone, my rock. My place of refuge. My place of comfort. My place of freedom. My place of strength.

I know when my focus is on God and his gifts in my life regardless of the noise that I have seen in those around me, and what social media, on steroids, now looks like, his voice, his truth is where my ears need to be angled to hear. This is where peace comes home again.

And its been this peace I have been missing.

While we listen to the noise of others, and of our own insecurities, and the expectations on us from others, the giftings we have received may take far longer for us to discover and develop.

In this time of change, what are you learning about yourself and your gifts? Or are you still tuning into distraction and noise?