g i f t

g i f t

When Paul spoke to the Corinthians about spiritual gifts he was instructing and equipping them with the understanding of what a healthy body looks like and how it functions in all its variety of difference. That one part can’t do it all on its own, alone.

We need each others God given giftings, each a different part of the body, so that we can do amazing things together to shine the glory of God within us out into a hurting world. That’s why we need each other. We bring difference and diversity when we work together. We cheer on, encourage and support each others gifts so each of us can do our part at its best. We do this by finding and exercising our own giftings as a heart response to our individual salvation into the wider family of God.

We can’t all have the same gifts even though we are made in the image of the Creator God who created all things. It’s almost like it was planned, huh.

Our COVID experiences have been stripping back things in 2020. Is it time to strip back the layers of comfort of the known and be challenged into the unknown? Just like the first time our bellies where filled with Holy Spirit fire when we first started our journey in getting to know Jesus. You may be surprised what your giftedness is, just as much as your capacity for change, stretching and further growth.

Like I tell my students when they compare their art making abilities with others. “Making amazing art takes time. First you have to actually start and then practice regularly. But first you have to start.”