b l o o d t i e s

b l o o d t i e s

Who are the people at your table? How we interact with people starts from the inside out. Blessed are the poor in Spirit for there’s is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5: 1.

I once heard “poor in spirit” was about the more I walked with Jesus the more he reveals my deficits, my lack of knowledge, my lack of understanding. It does reveal the growing urgency to know him more and how to walk like he did and my need to ask more questions and learn more about Him and how to reflect this in my walk, in all that I say and do. I am far from getting this right hence the increasing urgency to come to his table daily.

It’s all about relationship. I didn’t know this when I was baptised at 21. I heard how to fear God, but not to reverently fear God. I now lean towards knowing God who has unimaginable patience that is persistent and kind and gentle, until we don’t listen and then what is still patient and kind and gentle is felt through the consequences of our not listening, our ignorance, our poor choices and our lack of reclining into this relationship with him. The consequences that affect not just ourselves bring far deeper pain and hurt than if we had of listened and applied the changes God was prompting us to make in the first place. And he still waits and loves us.

We currently live in the deficit of loving others like Jesus loves us, and behaving like we are ALL made in the image of God.

Where are you being called to make changes to your deficits and walk in Rabbi Jesus dust?