s e p e r a t e d – r e s t o r e d

s e p e r a t e d – r e s t o r e d

Over the last 2 weeks of doing church online, this artwork started to come to life. The different parts coming together in ways that I was not able to see as I started. The sketched tree on four pieces of watercolour paper waiting for paint…the twisted barbed wreath made from a rogue growth that had been growing from my lime tree for the last few years I had planned to be part of an Easter artwork…eventually.

Initially this artwork was planned to depict four different weather seasons. Like the seasons we go through in life. But as I started to apply media this changed. It became an expression of separation yet doing it altogether. One art work cut into four.

On Good Friday I was reminded more clearly than ever that Jesus was seperated from God. Not from anything he had done, but because of what I had, have, and will do…..because of the sin of the world. Because of my sin. Because of your sin. Because of our sin.

The four pieces of the artwork seperated from each other as family is seperated from family. Whether family is blood, or heart, work colleagues, neighbours, friends, people in general that make life livable, and even bearable. As someone who recharges being on my own, who’s lives as a single person, single parent for over 20 years, seperation and isolation are not new words. But it is very different in this current climate, where the separation from people is really hard. Harder than normal hard. It forces you to see who your people are. In my socially awkward tendencis in how I connect with people, it’s taken me a long time to get to this understanding. Many places in the world have lived this sepration for weeks and months now. Australia is not seeing the same devastation of loss of life other parts of the world are seeing. Some people continue to find loopholes in isolation that means we will be seperated longer from the people and things that give us life. It’s heart breaking to see all aspects of the human condition. But it is a result of the brokenness and broken behaviour of humankind.

Friday had me thinking about how Jesus was seperated from God the father, creator of the universe. Creator God that has the power to create all things, heal all things, yet sent his only son to die so that we could live not seperated from Him any longer. He always wanted us to come back to Him. Regardless of our choices, regardless of our mistakes. Shame holds us in our past.

– Jesus frees us.

– Jesus took our place. He took my place on the cross that should have been mine.

– What Jesus did was enough.

– Oh what Amazing Grace!

– Jesus was then restored on the third day having full victory over death and over all our sin through his ressurection

– I am forgiven

– We are forgiven

– We are restored

– All my hope is in Jesus.