kintsugi rose
K I N T S U G I    R O S E

“And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of Him.” 1 John 5:15

Kintsugi Rose continues the concept of Japanese bowl repair. It resonates in some of the artworks that I am developing at the moment that explores God’s repair of the broken. How our bodies don’t always work the way we want them to. How mental health effects how we navigate our days, and how we continue to process the stuff in our life that can impact how we walk through each day.

What’s more difficult than navigating our own stuff, be it current or long term, is watching loved ones in theirs. It’s very different as a mum watching my own children navigate the hardness and harshness of life and knowing I can’t do as much about it as I’d like to, or know how to. They are now adults and they need to process and learn how to be adults, just like I have had to. It doesn’t mean they are left adrift and have to work everything out for themselves. It means I walk alongside them, sharing life, and engaging in conversations about life’s challenges they are working through and those they are ready to share. But they have to make the decisions and choices themselves. Some days, many days the only thing I can do is get on my knees and pray for them. My knees should be more calloused, the knees of my pants more warn.

And this is where this artwork Kintsugi Rose came into being.

How easy can it be, when we watch those we love struggling with physical and/or mental health, to lose sight of God and feel as though he’s lost sight of them? That he’s not hearing our or their prayers. But isn’t this the time when we need to hold even tighter onto God and the hope that we have, in his promises for them, and us? I have journeyed in the last, nearly 3 years, through the discovery of where God has been in the 17 years of severe allergies. I have come to realise that anxiety at its severest, can mimic the symptoms of severe chemical and food reactions. This revelation did not come easy and isn’t everyone’s story. Allergies are debilitating and life threatening and need correct treatment, which is why I have had many trips to the ER both by car and ambulance the first 8 years, with throat closing and struggling to breath. I use to celebrate each year I didn’t have a trip to the ER, now I can’t remember the last allergy visit. What caused the anxiety is a story and artwork for another time.

Kintsugi rose is about spending time stopping and smelling the roses especially when life is pelting you with lemons. To focus on the positives, the achievements, the wins and the gift life is. When my adult children are struggling, I need to remember that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and they are not their illness and struggles. They are precious gifts, created for a purpose and dearly loved by me. God loves them more! They are creative, energetic, brave and stronger than they realise. In Kintsugi rose, God repairs the broken places, making us more beautiful because of our stories. As parents we walk alongside our kids and sometimes it feels like this is from a distance even when you live under the same roof. Our need to remember that God is in the quiet moments that refresh and restore us and them, but also allows us times of intimacy with him. These times of intimacy with God, being vulnerable and leaning into him and being still enough to hear him, are gifts of time that I have come to rely on especially when times are good so that when life stuff gets tough I know and can rely on him walking in the mess with us.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses, to be intimate with God, to be vulnerable, to be strengthened, to be loved?