Sept 4th


53 years ago today a boy was born. He would be the big brother, protector, strong tower, and not so much because of his height, but more because of his heart for people. He was a dad and a granddad to granddaughter he would never get to meet in his life time. A man who will never grow old and is loved dearly regardless of the almost 15 years since he returned home to heaven.

Happy Birthday you big goon! I love you. See you sometime in the future. You’ll have to wait a while, God’s got plans for me here.

Today is the double whammy. Father’s day and Michael’s birthday. I love you Michael, but missing you still leaves me unable to breathe, with a lump so fierce in my throat. Today my focus is on who your with and not the heart pain. I write this through tears, *urg.

Today I celebrate the one Father I have had and who I am fully known by.

You have been by my side in the good times and the bad. There have been plenty of both, and plenty of them to come. You have walked alongside me through my mistakes and the mistakes of others towards me and You heal and continue to heal me from the consequences that would follow. You have held me and comforted me through times of sadness, stresses, fears and loss. You have picked me up when I lay broken on the ground and you carried me when I was not able to breathe or move in my own strength another step, or live another moment. You heal me. You love me. You provide for me, my every need. When finances were tight, we never went without food, a home or clothes. You walk with me cheering and mentoring me on in my accomplishments, mentoring me through my failures and mistakes, even allowing these so that I would grow from these experiences in wisdom and knowledge. You have always been my guide, I am learning to listen to you, sorry it’s taking so long. You are patient with me. You forgive me time and time again as I put you second or third, or even last and yet you still put me first. You have stood in every joyous moment in my life celebrating the big things and the little things. You have been the one constant in my life that has never given up on me and You have shown me the greatest joy in my life regardless of the circumstances. This is true love from a Father to His child.

My words are small God. The ache of my heart in knowing I cannot truly say in human words, or do as I know I want to do, in this human form. But You know my heart completely and You still love me. Thank you seems such small words.

I am thankful for those dads who attempt and can live up to some of these things in their earthly father roles. Many cannot. Many don’t. Many don’t try. It is not to dishonour these men, or to pick fault. We live in a broken world and we all fail and fall short in many things. This is why God sent Jesus. The greatest love shown, that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16-17

Dads, my prayer for you is to grow into, to be and to continue to be the Godly men your children need you to be. Be the hero’s of your children’s lives as you are celebrated as the men who give your children the ever so small glimpse of who God the Father is. A fathers love that is so complete, regardless of the mistakes children make, and the ones you watch them make, because you know that sometimes this is the only way your kids learn. A fathers love so secure is a love that encourages, teaches, mentors and builds up your children to want to seek out who God is for themselves through your example.

I am so thankful that God fills in all the areas that my earthly father was unable to give a snap shot into or do. Thank you for the examples I have had and have in my life through father in laws, uncles, fathers of friends, friends and Michael. Thank you my Heavenly Dad!