s k i m m i n g s t o n e s

 d e e p e r

We are designed to be connected with others. Many acquaintances, some closer and even fewer closest.
During a recent conversation about the depths of some relationships, the image of the skimming stones came to mind. Picture a skimming
 stone across the surface of all our relationships. This isn’t a healthy image. At some point depth is needed, but we also need to be selective of whom we share to, and how we share.

I’m reminded of how this can look like between us and God. Knowing the answers as head knowledge and not heart knowledge and not connecting them could look like skimming stones across a lake, being superficially connected. Sinking deeper through intentionally spending more time deepening our relationship with God by getting to know His character and His love for us takes time and work. Especially in spite of our brokenness, our pain, our fears, our sin and our stubbornness. God wants to hear from us outside of Santa god and parking god. He wants to hear from us in our daily life stuff, not just when it gets to the too hard life stuff where we can no longer breath or do it on our own anymore. God knows what you will ask before you ask it. He knows what’s on your heart before you speak it. He knows the very words we have spoken to others more than once, yet never spoken to Him about and it’s these words, every word that He wants to hear us speak to Him. 

Would you run to a friend just when life was tough? Would you share the joys and the mundane life stuff, the fun stuff and all the things that everyday life packs into it too? This is what God desires from us. Realness. Real intimacy.