E n o u g h!


‘e n o u g h !’

Sometimes a painting starts out as one idea and part way through it gets put aside making room for another canvas and another concept. The canvas usually gets a coat of gesso over it to cover up the old painting before a new one is started. This canvas just got put away.It wasn’t until after my father passed away that I pulled it out again. I needed to express what I was feeling and although his passing was more a sense of closure, it added to a list of loss that was overwhelming at the time. I had had enough.I picked up this canvas, a crying skin toned face looked back at me, now it needed to be a shouting face. The figures hand raised and gesturing, no more.Life is full of experiences that stretch us, challenge us and grow us and encourage us. Some experiences are so tough though, you can’t breathe through them. Sometimes life can feel like this all at once. I love the story of Job in the bible. I am both challenged by it and encouraged at the same time. Even though he lost everything, his responses to God are faith filled and unchanging. I love that God restores everything to Job and blesses him more than before, but it is Job’s faithfulness that he displays regardless of losing everything and being restored more than before, that grabs my heart.