let your heart be seen

‘let your heart be seen’

This artwork is one of many that are a response to seeking what it means to be lean in faith and seeking what it means to live and love like Jesus. Only taking with him the clothes on his back. Lean and without limitation.

What did this look like for me 6 years ago when I drew this?
What does this look like in me now?

I’ve said this before, but it’s important to look back to see where you’ve come from, to reflect and be encouraged by the changes you’ve made. The challenges you’ve succeeded at. It’s also important to look back so you can be challenged by what has yet to change, but also to see progress. Or, and here’s the kicker, what looks just the same. “Let your heart be seen” is about seeking Jesus with all my heart and living it and not just in words, having all the answers, yet disconnected from them in my heart. I am constantly challenged in what this looks like for me. If I am known by Him and He lives in me, then change is imminent, though not immediate and this in turn flows from my heart.
The artist in me is the most critical part of me. Deconstructing, rearranging and constructing new understanding. Lean means just that, not padding out who we are with puffy talk, looking great on the outside, but the heart is hardened.

I want my heart to reflect Jesus. My journals are full of this over the last 15 years. Lamenting and crying out to God. And yet I wonder, a lot, how transparent is my heart. I know my God sees it all and loves me anyway. Do I love like he loves? Do I forgive like he does? Do I seek him like he seeks me?
I am learning that I need to be kinder on myself, and know that God is working on this work in progress. I am thankful this is not where He will leave me.
Let my heart be seen.