t e a r s


‘t e a r s’

As a 3ish year old, I was one of ‘those’ wandering children. I had even been picked up by the police once too. As a lost child, not as a delinquent.
This drawing depicts the last time I remember wandering off and my first encounter with God.

I remember the trees being huge, towering over me and they were covered in that heavy brown bark that looks like you could get your fingers in between the chunks and break off, but you can’t. I remember standing in front of the trees looking up at the tree tops and the sun rays that filtered through. This was my in awe moment. The moment I knew that I was not alone. The moment I encountered God.

It was this experience I wanted to capture in this drawing. The sunlight illuminating the heavy barked trees as the presence of God filled that moment, but as I drew the trees, they didn’t look like bark, instead they were more like tears. I stopped drawing. I looked at what I had started and began to reflect on what had happened after I returned home that day. What I would experience over the years of my life following this day, and I realised that these represented God’s tears.

He knew what my experiences would be after this meeting with him, and although he allowed it all to happen, each one of those experiences He would use to shape me. 

His tears flowed.