g r a c e


A reoccurring theme in my life. I’d like to say it was ‘just’ last year, however, the tools to defend against these are sharper now, but I do pray to God, “don’t let me become complacent.”

I’m learning the truth of the attacks are more about who God is forming me to be, and very little to do with my past. This scares the enemy!

Another look back – inspired by Steven Furtick’s book ‘Crash the Chatterbox’ which spoke into my heart about self-doubt and lack of self-confidence and the constant attack I was under at the time.


Lifes messiness
Lifes pain be it raw, obvious or unseen
Our weirdness
Our differences
Our uniqueness
All our imperfection.
Each day negative self talk works on destroying our self confidence, our ability to get up in the morning, get tasks done or even started, getting places and sometimes even getting out of our pyjama’s. It feeds on our experiences both real and perceived. It is usually subtle, but constantly there from when we wake up and throughout our day until be rest our bodies at night. I have seen the destructiveness this negative self talk has had on my own journey at points in my life when it was at its worst.

What I do know is that I need to be constantly reminded of God’s voice and what He speaks over my life, to drown out the voice of the enemy. I am rarely great at this. But I know Gods voice is very different from the enemy’s voice and Gods promises give me hope for my journey.
These are some of my daily reminders of God’s promises.

God says he will…
…still be the cornerstone of my life.
…protect me.
…lift my head high.
…restore my joy.
…give me peace that surpasses all understanding
…put me back together.
…Open my eyes to new opportunities
…lead me to triumph
…make me wiser and stronger as a result of this trial.
…catch me
…help me in my time of need.
…hear my cry.
…Breathe life into me.
…cover me.
…Draw close to me.
…send His angels to comfort me.
When I am reminded of my past, I am reminded of my future. One of the verses that is my always go to verse is 2 Corinthians 5:17.

God’s heart is after yours.