the first

w o u n d ed_s c a r s

As I look back over the last years “blogs” I am not seeing nostalgic revisiting of past rawness, of which these images were part of the  healing journey. What I am seeing is conformation that God is doing something amazing. I am completely undeserving and unqualified, and so not alone!

The only time I look back is to see how far I’ve come.I leave you with the first of the, #afterGodsheartthroughart, from last July, 2015.

Darkness will always try tearing at our scars and wounds to remind us of our past, of how useless we’ve been, how much damage has been in our lives, how much damage we’ve done to others and ourselves, how alone we have been, of our loses, failures, incompleteness, pain, fears and more.

I’ve struggled with all this and when I find myself being attacked I end up in 2 camps.
1. Fighting for my life.
2. Fighting it on my own.

Fighting for my life might sound a little dramatic, but spiritual attacks are real and by no means unfamiliar. One thing I can guarantee is that satan doesn’t use new material. He’s always dragging up the same old stuff.

In recent times, however, there has been an escalation in his attack.

What I do know is that God is up to something amazing in my life or the attacks would not be so constant and vicious. I have hope!

So today, what’s in my hand is what I use. The scars may be being picked at, pecked over and circled for attack. BUT my hope is in God. My strength is from God. And I’ve read the end of the book.
If you find yourself in a battle, or maybe you’ve just realised you are in a battle. Armor up. God’s got your back.