e y e s

‘e y e s’

The eye theme continues.

In the last 12 months I have explored the eyes through more media than is displayed in this image. All of various scale, some are simple sketches, some with significant detail. Depending on the time I have, some are completed in a single sitting, while others are worked on over days, often weeks, and still others I revisit after months or even years.

What can I say, eyes fascinate me. They are not the only subject matter I explore, but they do get regular revisiting.

The gift of physical sight, to see what’s around me, in all its details, is part of my current wiring. I’d like to think that I can be in the very moment I am in, experiencing that reality instead of having my mind do all the landscaping from random thoughts of things that are usually only perceived. The weird thought, that left unchecked, can dictate mood, reactions and scenarios before they happen or that usually never happen. This is what anxiety is like, but that’s another blog for another time.

Eyes see the moment by moment snapshots into our present moment. Our actual reality. How often do we miss the current moment or moments? What does it mean to really see? I’m still working this one out.

Have you ever seen how a child sees? You did as a child. As parents, and not limited to parents, we get to revisit this again through our children or the children around us, if we allow ourselves to see. As a child, the simplest of things can bring joy. As we grow up and mature something happens with this innocent ability to see the very things that brought joy. For me, as a child it was a pair of cute red PJ’s I wore in summer. With their short elastic gathered legs, little capped sleeves and embroidered bodice. I remember wearing them while sitting on the middle of the seesaw in my backyard so I could see over the back fence and watch the sunset. It is a memory that is not only locked in time visually, but also continues some four decades later to impact my practice. Not the little red PJ’s, but the sunset. Ok yes the PJ’s, but more so the sunsets.

We all have moments through our life that we will carry for a day, month, years, sometimes for the rest of our lives. The moments we see and share with others around us, our hopes, our sadness’s, our pain or that which grabs our heart so deeply for another, there is no way forward without being drawn to walk beside them. What’s worse, I don’t know about you, but I get it wrong. I know I get it wrong and my heart’s desire is that I learn how to do it better and not to continue to perpetuate the mistakes that can weigh heavy on me. I am thankful that God sees who I am, that His mercy is new everyday, and He continues to build up my knowledge and wisdom when my humanity fails. He provides the very wisdom and knowledge I need. I don’t do life without Him! This brings great joy!

In Greek the word “Parakaleo” means to call to one’s side; to speak to in ways of exhortation, comfort and instruction. To encourage. To strengthen. To walk along side another in their stuff at that moment regardless if we have answers. This is what God does for all of us, except He does have the answers. He sees all of us. He sees our every moment, the moments that bring us joy if only we could see these through His understanding and not our own small human understanding.

Is it the circumstances of life that draw you closer to seeing how God sees you, cares for you, loves you, or is it because of the circumstances that make it hard to see that God has moved in alongside you, He’s never actually left, and carrying you through the storms when you can’t see anymore through the tears?