Mother’s day

2016-05-08 13.56.30

As an artist my work is often about seeking intimacy with God. To explore what it looks like to seek him and to know him more. To know him more deeply. To be listening to him more intentionally. The more I work on this intimacy with God the more I come to realise it’s more about me seeing Gods intimacy with me. Knowing His unending love for me. Knowing His desire for me to know I am His and that that love is unconditional. There is nothing I have done or could ever do to make this happen. He is the I AM! He loves me!

A mother’s love for her children is also unconditional, however, by no means on any level with God’s love for us. No amount of cleaning your room, picking up your toys or washing the dishes could somehow improve this. I would like the dishes done without asking just once, just like every other parent. However, this love is without condition. You are loved. Period!

As a mum it is my posture towards God and how my daughters see this that I need and want to be careful of. I am fearfully aware of this and how often I could mess it up with my humanity and I am extremely aware that it is what those around me see also. It is my posture towards God that my family sees, what my work colleges and friends see, but most of all it is what my children, and other peoples children see. To be honest, I get it wrong sometimes, and as much as I could critique and criticize myself in where I could have done things better, I am reminded that I have done the best I could with what I knew at the time. I am thankful for God’s grace when I fail and His provision for strong role models around me and my children.

For all  women, both with or without children on this and every Mother’s day, who walk alongside my daughters and the daughters and sons of others, please take care during your journey with your posture towards God. I know life is messy and full of painful moments and seasons with which some seemingly never change. As a teenage mum; as a women living is a broken world; a single parent with broken dreams; unfulfilled seasons; grief and loss, I too have known and know pain. You model your heart towards God through your journey to my daughters and others children. We, you and I are the aunties, cousins, friends, daughters, nieces, sisters, grandmothers, and mothers and yet to be mothers, to those who don’t know Jesus; to those who are infants in their walk and to those who need strong role models as our children walk deeper with God.

Please know that you are being prayed for daily as you interact with my daughters, with our children. That before you have gone to bed at night prayers have been prayed for our children and for those who will meet them when they go out into the world tomorrow. Please know that as you wake up in the morning and prepare to meet your day, you have been prayed for by every praying parent on earth who is asking God to send strong, godly women and godly men to meet with our children and help prepare them to hear God’s story over their lives, a story different from the worlds story. Prayers for wisdom, direction and to know God more deeply through those they meet. As a parent we’re praying for you to posture yourselves towards God especially in the painful messy parts of life, because our precious children need those with experience as they navigate this messy broken world.

We raise our children in community. We can’t do this alone. Thank you for being part of my/our children’s journey.