He cares for even the birds

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Sometimes I think I need reminding of God’s bigger picture. And as I write this it is obvious that I/we need reminding of this more often than we should, but in the messiness of life, God is so patient with his children. Especially me.

What I am coming to realise is that in my own pain I can so often get lost in the parts that are missing, or that I think are missing and completely lose sight of God, as my focus moves from him to my circumstances. In the sometimes all consuming, often overwhelming stages of personal lamenting and yearning for understanding as to why life is the way it is, and knowing that where my pain has me is not God’s ultimate plan, my hope is revealed, and yet moving forward is so difficult when the unknown is so unknown. This is the place where trust is birthed.

I take a lot of photos, not as many as I used to, as I am more selective with my time and projects now days. But today as I took photos in my urban surroundings that seemingly suffocate nature and its natural beauty I looked towards the squawks of birds in a gum tree nearby. Hanging in all positions, sideways and even upside down were a flock of wattle birds feasting away at the nectar from the gumnuts. I could not take my eyes off them, and in turn my camera lens either, as they fluttered and squawked from one cluster of gumnuts to the next.

You see I have a thing about birds and God knows it, and God has this thing that he does for me and I know it. He does it in many ways, so it’s not limited to birds, but it is always timely and always in the right amount I always need, and often in such abundance that I am left with a lump in my throat, speechless and wiping away tears. This thing he does is to speak directly into my heart His truth about how He sees me, provides for me, loves me, cares for me and so often carries me. His reminders of how much love He has for me are overpowering and perfect and I am so unworthy of this, but he still pours it over me, in me and through me all the same. It is God that has all our needs in his care. What we eat, what we wear, our finances, everything. When I stop long enough to see what’s around me, and often the camera lens helps refocus me, God gives me a clearer view of the most important aspects of life with Him.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26 NIV

My prayer is that in Gods overwhelming displays of how much He is for me, I wouldn’t take it for granted. Yet without his reminders I would be lost in my circumstances. How about you?