“From Darkness Into Life” 2005

shadows into life

“From Darkness Into Life”
pastel on board
50cm x 150cm

It was important to begin somewhere in my journey over the last 15 years of my art making so I decided to started here. Influenced by Chiaroscuro – a form of lighting that creates dramatic effects. Artists: Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Bill Henson (who inspired this artwork).

Shown at: “Stories of our Art” exhibition 2005 – Chapel on Station Gallery and the Australian Catholic University, “those who can do teach” exhibition 2006.

…the story behind this artwork…

“From Darkness Into Life”
From broken heart to broken life, I disappeared into the shadows that consumed my life. Not only to run from my hurt, but to hide from being hurt again. The shadows seemed safe to hide in, but they also hid my gifts, my passion for life and my ability to engage with life and with others.

The shadows became my haven, fear kept me there. Or so I thought.

In the shadows God brought his light of healing, love, wisdom, patience, strength, peace and grace, but most of all God brought himself into my life. He met me where I was, and his plan was never to leave me there.

I have rested in the shadows, in the quiet of my heart, often crying for help, for guidance, for freedom. I have begun healing, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The shadows served their purpose, now it is time to step out of them and allow God to reign in my life.

It is being in the shadows in my life that Jesus has met me and begun real and complete healing.